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Fritzi aus Preußen

“A strong statement without a guilty conscience”. That’s the claim of German label Fritzi aus Preußen (Fritzi from Prussia), which uncompromisingly makes its bags from 100 percent naturally recyclable polyurethane and without the use of animal-based ingredients. For the new spring/summer 2020 season, the company is sticking to this claim but changing up its aesthetic with a new, feminine and trend-oriented look. We interviewed Lena Paetow, Head of Design Bags, and Björn Nadler, Head of Sales, to find out exactly what that means.


by Panorama Berlin

The world would sink into uniformity and irrelevance were it not for the free thinkers, artists and other defenders of difference who ensure that it’s more colourful, varied and free of prejudices. Vienna-based shoe label Rani Bageria is one of those special companies that produce shoes with a special look for special people. The eponymous designer is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and produces exceptional creations for ‘contemporary people’. Up to now, her designs, manufactured from high-quality leather in Italian workshops, have been focused on female feet. But male fans of the label can now also look forward to her unisex models. Why? We caught up with Rani Bageria to find out.

Who’s next? – New talents impressing us with their visions

by Panorama Berlin
New Talents

In today’s world, the term ‘talent’ has been watered down through the influence of various television singing and talent competitions and the influence of the world wide web. Anyone who is blessed with a particular skill can show it off on stage in order to experience a moment of success that usually lasts the length of a click or a swipe. Nevertheless, they do still exist: those new talents with true staying power due to their unique ideas, individuality and creativity. The following three young personalities are prime examples...


by Panorama Berlin
Nadine Göpfert

At a time when clothing functions as a disposable product in a vertical supply chain and fit determines a person’s social status, fashion can also seem more like a form of bondage than the expression of individual personality. Now, with her ‘Pedestrian’ project, Nadine Göpfert is creating a new design ethic that questions the current state of industrial production. Here’s the lowdown on a Berlin-based artist whose work pushes the limits of her own aesthetic horizon.

Is Danish brand Blanche on your fashion radar? An interview with Mette Fredin and Melissa Bech

by Panorama Berlin

Wonderful things come out of Denmark. Hygge, Lego and The Little Mermaid, to name just a few. But also sustainable womenswear label Blanche, which was established in 2018 by Mette Fredin (Creative Director) and Melissa Bech (Commercial Director). Both experienced profashionals with different skills, who met by chance and shared the same opinion; that womenswear simply deserves more transparency and better-quality fabrics. The label therefore produces mainly in Europe, primarily in Portugal or Italy. We caught up with Blanche’s two founders for a chat.

Farewell, Berliner Salon

by Panorama Berlin
Berliner Salon

Since it was established in 2015, the Berliner Salon has established itself as a highly regarded institution of Berlin Fashion Week and – as its name implies – a place that offered a lovingly curated showcase for German design talents in a living room atmosphere. Now it has come to an end. What are the reasons for that? What will its participants and fans miss the most? What will be the resulting outlook for Berlin as a fashion hub? We asked the people who ought to know…

“We are committed to our values” – An interview with the founder of fashion brand Herrlicher

by Panorama Berlin

Erwin O. Licher is far from an unknown name in the German fashion industry. He is renowned as a fashion and denim connoisseur who is clearly committed to his work – something that is quite a rarity these days, at a time when mainstream and fast fashion seem to be holding sway. We caught up with the founder of the Herrlicher brand for a chat about his own personal ethos and approach.