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    snacks zum mitnehmen

    “You’re not you when you’re hungry” – we’ve all seen the chocolate bar TV commercial, in which the brave Kung Fu master turns into a calamitous Mr Bean. As soon as your stomach starts to rumble, your concentration and cognitive functions become impaired, and you start to feel weak and tired. This makes you unproductive, especially in your everyday working life. But you don’t necessarily have to reach for a high-calorie Snickers to replenish your energy levels. Today we are presenting five healthy high-protein, low-carb snacks that you can eat on the go. The best way to prevent yourself from getting hangry!

    Serious drinking: Berlin’s best bars

    by Panorama Berlin

    If all you associate with ‘Churchill’ and ‘Nixon’ are politicians, you should probably click away now. After all, true serious drinking connoisseurs will already have enjoyed these statesmen as stylish cocktails. Berlin’s bar scene is renowned for its long-established pubs – but every now and again we come across real gems serving up delectable drinks made of the finest ingredients. But instead of knocking them back, we’re taking it down a gear and embarking on an odyssey to the most exciting bars in the German capital!

    Be your own mixologist

    by Panorama Berlin
    mix and shake

    An after-work beer, a glass of vino in the evening? Why not add some variety into the mix and shake up your own cocktail? In the comfort of your own home, dressed in slippers and a lovely silk robe – we’re sure Jared Leto would do the same.

    Top 10: Must-eats on Berlin’s food scene

    by Panorama Berlin

    Surrounded by soufflé. Swimming in miso soup. Blanketed by burritos. Berlin’s restaurant scene is renowned for its diversity and there’s not much you won’t find in terms of restaurants here. It’s very rare to be able to eat so much in one place without feeling guilty about the price (let’s not mention the calories for now!). But we gave in to our gluttony to give you the lowdown on Berlin’s top eateries (you can thank us later!). Welcome to our very own food porn, where the main course doesn’t necessarily have to be the highlight.

    Hotel tip: Lulu Berlin – where Scandi-style meets Berlin flair

    by Panorama Berlin
    boutique hotel

    One for the fashion crowd: Berlin Fashion Week is already in full swing so if you not only want to look stylish on the streetstyle snaps, but also stay in stylish accommodation, you’ve come to the right place at the Guldsmeden Lulu Berlin.

    Healthy food porn

    by Panorama Berlin
    Healthy Food Porn

    Hearing the words ‘food porn’ automatically conjures up images in our heads of greasy burgers, overloaded poutine, mac’n’cheese and of course pizza! We’ve all been there – usually late at night or with a rumbling stomach we end up scrolling through post after post of food porn, allowing ourselves to be hypnotised by endless photos and videos. It’s like going to a supermarket when you’re hungry. Your appetite for fast food increases and all sense goes out of the window! But isn’t there another way? We’ve picked out a few culinary delights for you that are as equally aesthetically pleasing – and that won’t block your arteries just by looking at them. Welcome to healthy food porn!