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Ridesharing Berlin

Gone are the days of waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain or trying in vain to hail a cab. A plethora of new mobility solutions has been making our lives a whole lot easier for quite some time now and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before them! With just one click in an app it’s now even simpler to get from A to B quickly and safely. Whether after a hard night of partying or a hard day in the office, there’s space for everyone in these Berlin ridesharing shuttles. Today we’re taking to the back seat to test out the city’s best chauffeur-driven services on your behalf. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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Myers Briggs

What do Quentin Tarantino and Will Smith have in common? And why are William Shakespeare and Björk more similar than you might think? The answers to these questions are provided by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI for short). A popular and established assessment tool in the USA, here in Germany it’s viewed somewhat more critically. After completing a short psychometric questionnaire, you can draw conclusions about your own personality. Distinctions are made between 16 different types. An indicator that is not only used in the world of dating, but also in a coaching and HR context. A load of old nonsense or a useful new job tool? Allow us to explain...

Top 10: Berlin’s best beer gardens

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Berliner Biergärten

Don’t be jealous, Munich! With its seemingly neverending concert line-ups and abundance of water in the form of lakes, rivers and canals, the German capital is full of places to sit back and sip a refreshing beer (or more!) al fresco. Here’s our lowdown on the very best Berlin beer gardens that offer cool tunes, tasty street food and, most importantly, a constant flow of great beer! Prost!

Sustainable jewellery: All that glitters is not Fairtrade gold

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“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” If you ask us, creepy little Gollum probably wouldn’t have been a very good jewellery seller. After all, the foreboding words of the “Lord of the Rings” character still convey the bitter truth about gold mining: most pieces of jewellery have mineworkers and the environment on their conscience. High time for a rethink. High time for Fairtrade gold.


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Beyoncé Homecoming

Boom! She did it again. In mid-April, Beyoncé surprised us all with a Netflix documentary entitled “Homecoming”, which was accompanied by the release of a corresponding live album. But while some critics celebrated it in all its glory, others are picking it apart and accusing the singer of being a bad role model.

Living in Berlin: East vs. West – which one’s best?

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30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall – 30 years of East vs. West. Anyone looking for a flat in Berlin will know how difficult it is. Living space is scarce and the high prices and tough competition make finding a roof over your head no easy feat. The once affordable rents in the German capital have long since caught up to those of metropolises like Paris or London – or are well on the way to doing so. But if you’re not under time pressure and can allow yourself the luxury of searching for a place to live in any of Berlin’s many neighbourhoods, you’ll have the choice: East or West? Two parts of the city that couldn’t be any more different, even after 30 years. So today we’re settling the matter for you: where’s the best place to live? Charlottenburg or Neukölln? Schöneberg or Friedrichshain? Disclaimer: pardon the clichés!

Saint Hoax and Siduations: POPlitically incorrect

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How a Syrian and a New Yorker are deconstructing cultural change and socio-political processes to create a snapshot in time – and have become institutions of pop culture on Instagram.

Set in the German capital: The best German series from and about Berlin

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If you think Sunday evening TV tradition “Tatort” is the only decent television production to come out of Germany, then you’re way off the mark. In the past few years, the German film industry has produced a whole host of binge-worthy series and fantastic formats. Such as German Netflix series “Dark” which, in terms of edge-of-your-seat suspense, can easily keep up with its American counterpart “Stranger Things”. And also “Babylon Berlin”, a kind of “Great Gatsby” sequel that is showing familiar locations around the city in a brand-new light. So it’s time to get cosy and grab the popcorn! Welcome to our marathon of the best Berlin series!