Cosmos Sounds: Summer Vibes

by Panorama Berlin
Summer Vibes

As soon as spring turns into summer, it’s not only our mood that changes, but also our playlist. Certain songs just seem like they were made for fun in the sun, whether as the soundtrack to laid-back poolside lounging, after-work sundowners on the balcony or barbecues with friends. The perfect compilation of our editorial team’s summer favourites, our Summer Vibes playlist is a vibrant mix of rock, pop, hip-hop and afro beats – from all-time classics such as ‘Underwater Love’ by Smoke City, to ultimate summer hits like ‘Miami’ by Will Smith and current bangers like ‘Coco Mama’ by Dardan. We’re only too happy to share our summer vibes with you, so let’s crank up the volume together. Happy listening!


by Panorama Berlin
Beyoncé Homecoming

Boom! She did it again. In mid-April, Beyoncé surprised us all with a Netflix documentary entitled “Homecoming”, which was accompanied by the release of a corresponding live album. But while some critics celebrated it in all its glory, others are picking it apart and accusing the singer of being a bad role model.

A critique of consumerism: Deichkind’s new single “Richtig gutes Zeug”

by Panorama Berlin

The time has finally come! Deichkind is back. With their new single “Richtig gutes Zeug” (Really Good Stuff), they are once again hitting socio-critical notes – in this case a timely critique of consumerism – with the help of pertinent rhymes and a Dadaistic-looking music video. Time for us to examine the new single and video in more detail…

Podcasts to go: Our top four listening recommendations

by Panorama Berlin
podcast to go

If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied on your daily commute, to wind down before bed or to pass the time on your next flight, then look no further! Here’s our pick of the best podcasts featuring hilarious entertainment, fashion insights with a difference, life coaching for beginners and straight-talking best friends. Happy listening!


by Panorama Berlin

On the night of 28th February to 1st March, Solange Knowles, better known by many as “Beyoncé’s little sister”, dropped her new and meanwhile fourth album ‘When I Get Home’, which effortlessly takes up where the successful ‘A Seat at the Table’ from 2016 left off.

The Cosmos Sound – What we’re listening to right now…

by Panorama Berlin
Cosmos Sound

A new season calls for new sounds. Not from the charts or yet another computer-generated playlist, however, but just a good mix of favourite tunes from different people. So we asked around the editorial team to find out what everyone’s favourite songs are at the moment. From this research we’ve compiled a playlist of catchy sounds and good vibes especially for you, which includes everything from electro and pop to funk and rock down to hip-hop, R’n’B and soul. Please allow us to present: the Cosmos Sound.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? New German musicians with an international vibe

by Panorama Berlin
deutsche Musiker

German isn’t exactly the most laid-back of languages. For some reason it can often sound stiff, harsh and – it has to be said – somewhat uncool. After all, there’s a reason why the German music market seemed to fall into a slumber for so long. For a long time, all we could hear on the radio were English-speaking songs and let’s be honest, being able to understand every word can be overrated. It’s nice to be able to go with the flow and concentrate on the melody too sometimes. But what if there were German music that no longer sounded quite so German? We’ve picked out a few artists for you who prove that we don’t always have to look over the pond for cool tunes…