She’s a grower: Why Eunique is as unique as her name suggests

by Panorama Berlin

She’s the biological child of a rapper from US rap crew Gravediggaz and the protégé of Michael Jackson. She’s at home in the rap game, her spirit animal is a poisonous cobra and her comrades are the Lebanese mafia in Berlin. Any more questions?

Generation Berlin: The faces currently taking the creative capital by storm

by Panorama Berlin

From rappers and designers to influencers: allow us to introduce you to four faces of the new Generation Berlin that is currently making its mark on the creative scene. The reason why they’re on our radar is because they aren’t afraid to go their own way – and, in our opinion, that deserves to be celebrated!

December Sounds – Our monthly music tips

by Panorama Berlin
Musik Tipp

Anything that Spotify and Apple Music can do, we can do too! So you don’t have to go to the effort of searching for the latest cool tunes from the torrent of new music out there, we’ve compiled a melodious 54-minute playlist to keep you warm this December. It features a total of 16 songs covering the genres of hip-hop, alternative rap, R&B, pop and Americana. Happy listening!

All eyes on: Patricia Manfield

by Panorama Berlin
Patricia Manfield

Patricia Manfield is the embodiment of what you could call a creative multi-talent and is one of those people who were literally born to do what they do. At just 25 years old, the Italian has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans, both with her unmistakeable style and her music – and she’s becoming more popular by the day. For millennials she is a veritable feast for the senses: individual, creative, inspiring, gorgeous and refreshingly approachable. All eyes on: Patricia Manfield.