“You’re not you when you’re hungry” – we’ve all seen the chocolate bar TV commercial, in which the brave Kung Fu master turns into a calamitous Mr Bean. As soon as your stomach starts to rumble, your concentration and cognitive functions become impaired, and you start to feel weak and tired. This makes you unproductive, especially in your everyday working life. But you don’t necessarily have to reach for a high-calorie Snickers to replenish your energy levels. Today we are presenting five healthy high-protein, low-carb snacks that you can eat on the go. The best way to prevent yourself from getting hangry!
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    The power of temptation

    For quite a while now, offices have been able to order in snack boxes containing chocolate treats, salty crisps and Peperami-style salami sausages for their staff. All of which are delicious, don’t get us wrong – but for anyone who wants to eat healthier or watch their figure, these little energy placebos are far too tempting to resist. Avoid major ‘snaccidents’ by instead opting for snacks you can eat on the go that don’t require much preparation and are easy to carry around with you. Welcome to our very own snack box of healthy temptations that will satisfy your hunger cravings and keep you going until dinner!

    #1 Spread hummus, not hate! 

    Begone, calorie-laden nachos with chilli cheese! The healthy alternative to this greasy snack is puréed chickpeas, aka hummus. Also prepare a few sticks of crunchy cucumber or pepper to dunk into it. The good news is that two tablespoons of hummus per snack will provide enough energy for a full working day. And it also makes a great cinema snack!

    snacks zum mitnehmen

    #2 The superfood trick – yoghurt with linseeds

    A good alternative that is just as healthy, but cheaper than the universally popular chia seeds are linseeds. Simply sprinkle onto yoghurt and mixed berries and enjoy. But steer clear of low-fat dairy products as they often contain more sugar. Small tip: Icelandic yoghurt Skyr is rich in calcium and protein.

    snacks zum mitnehmen

    #3 Say cheese for protein 

    Yes, it’s hard to believe, but cheese, despite its fat content, can actually make a healthy snack! For those of you in Germany, fresh sour milk cheese Quäse, for example, contains 30 percent high quality protein with just 0.5 percent fat. A balanced source of protein for all cheese lovers!

    Snacks zum Mitnehmen

    #4 Get some nuts! A healthy snack for on the go 

    If you’re stomach starts grumbling and growling, grab a handful of nuts to keep you going until your next meal. Almonds, walnuts and Co. are generally very rich in proteins and fibre – both of which help you feel (and stay) full.

    Snacks zum Mitnehmen

    #5 Fresh and fruity in-between meals  

    Okay, fruit isn’t exactly low in sugars and carbohydrates, but the rest of its nutritional values make up for that. The all-important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in half a bowl of fruit will keep your energy levels up and your productivity high!

    Snacks zum Mitnehmen

    Text: Stefan Franken

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