A critique of consumerism: Deichkind’s new single “Richtig gutes Zeug”

    The time has finally come! Deichkind is back. With their new single “Richtig gutes Zeug” (Really Good Stuff), they are once again hitting socio-critical notes – in this case a timely critique of consumerism – with the help of pertinent rhymes and a Dadaistic-looking music video. Time for us to examine the new single and video in more detail…
    The official video: "Richtig gutes Zeug"

    Deichkind is back!

    Okay, we admit that Deichkind probably isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but one thing’s for certain: the electro hip-hoppers have been indulging in their boisterous high jinks for twenty years now and the German music biz can always count on them for a surprise. And that’s not only because of their legendary tracks like “Krawall und Remmidemmi”, “Like mich am Arsch”, “Bück dich hoch” or “Leider geil”, which have already earned their rightful place in the German vernacular, but their whacky outfits in their music videos and on their concert tours are also worthy of particular mention.

    A critique of the hype surrounding labels like Vetements & Co.

    Still refusing to take themselves seriously, Deichkind certainly aren’t disappointing us with their latest escapades. The single “Richtig gutes Zeug” is the first one after the 2015 album “Niveau Weshalb Warum” by the crowd-surfing prankster duo from Hamburg and the first one without Ferris MC, who left the band in 2018. And yet it is still 100 percent Deichkind. As well as the two Deichkind members Kryptik Joe and Porky, a naked Lars Eidinger, the German actor, also appears in the video in place of Ferris, and the three of them really go the whole hog, quite literally. (In one scene Eidinger, whose whole body is covered in stickers, can be seen decadently feeding a pig sushi). And in one of the opening scenes the protagonists seem to be modelling over-the-top outfits in a luxury boutique setting. The lyrics consist of phrases such as “I really liked that, really good, yeah”, “Have you seen it? Really good” as well as “Really hard to find, really hard to find”. Throwaway phrases that are a persiflage on the brand-focused consumer behaviour of our time. Just like the clothes, which are a nod to the grotesquely exaggerated, over-hyped fashion labels, they present today’s consumer mania in a stark and forthright way, highlighting it in all its ridiculousness.

    Too much show, or reality?

    In our further analysis of the lyrics, lines like “You’d have to search long and hard to find that” and “Wow, man, really hard to get, no, really, it must be really good, he doesn’t have much of it left, really good stuff,” seem to be based on the verbal outpourings of drug dealers trying to pitch their wares. Doesn’t it all sound a lot like the advertising slogans we are confronted with on a daily basis? Aren’t we all victims of a world determined by brands and the associated style codes? Those of who have known Deichkind for a while now will no doubt now be simply shrugging their shoulders and saying: consumer critique, so what? But the video is another masterpiece by the band, further demonstrating their silly, self-deprecating humour. The lyrics are catchy and easy to memorise, while the melody is unmistakably Deichkind. So you can, and should, just enjoy the song and the video for what they are. But if you want to listen between the lines and dissect every single visual spectacle from the music video, then that’s fine too. At the end of the day, the new single is really whetting our appetite for the album that will hopefully be released soon and is no doubt packed full of songs that, regardless of how absurd or profound they seem at first, we just can’t help but find “Leider geil”, or unfortunately awesome, as the band would say!

    Text: Deniz Trosdorff

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