Podcasts to go: Our top four listening recommendations

    If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied on your daily commute, to wind down before bed or to pass the time on your next flight, then look no further! Here’s our pick of the best podcasts featuring hilarious entertainment, fashion insights with a difference, life coaching for beginners and straight-talking best friends. Happy listening!
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    What would you do if your own dad wrote and self-published a series of questionable erotic novels and then sent you one of his raunchy books to read one day? There are quite a few possible reactions: you could laugh, proudly pat your dad on the back, or be absolutely mortified and appalled and just try to sweep it all under the carpet. That’s exactly the dilemma that Jamie Morton was faced with four years ago, but he made the bold decision to go on the counteroffensive and dissect his dad’s writing for the masses. In his podcast “My Dad Wrote A Porno” he reads out passages from “Belinda Blinked”, the masterpiece in question. Two of his quick-witted friends, television writer and producer James Cooper and BBC Radio host Alice Levine, join him in commenting intuitively on the parts they find the most amusing, baffling or downright disgusting. Expect plenty of humorous British banter and cringe-out-loud moments! Absolute comedy gold!




    When would we ever have the opportunity to eavesdrop on the private telephone conversation between a renowned lecturer and a big name on the London art scene? Right now! “Bande à part” are Rebecca Arnold, a British lecturer of fashion studies at The Courtauld Institute of Art, and Beatrice Behlen, a curator at the Museum of London. Each podcast episode is made up of 20 to 30 minutes of phone calls between the two fashion and art experts.

    Listeners can look forward to informal, relaxed chats about their experiences at the latest exhibitions and Fashion Weeks, as well as their trend forecasts and analyses of cultural phenomena. This includes well-curated topics like “Capsule Wardrobes & Timeless Style”, “Antonio Lopez & 1970s Realness” – i.e. the era that defined Karl Lagerfeld’s trajectory of the last few decades, or “Grace Jones & Imperfect Garments”. They even reflect on the “Beauty & Rihanna”, and “Mail Order Fashion” as offered by Zalando, Farfetch and Co.

    All the topics covered are highly relevant and that isn’t likely to change – this podcast is just as timeless as a university lecture, but a lot more laid-back. Personal insights from experts to keep you in the know on the go!


    HAPPY, HOLY AND CONFIDENT by Laura Malina Seiler

    Podcast to go
    Copyright: Laura Malina Seiler/Instagram

    How can I boost my self-confidence? Why haven’t I achieved what I want to in life? What’s the best way to deal with the pain of a breakup? These are all questions tackled by Laura Malina Seiler in her podcast. Laura is a life coach, just 32 years old and lives in Berlin. In “Happy, Holy and Confident” she wants to unleash the full potential of her listeners. Every episode is carefully prepared with plenty of attention to detail – and if you’ve had a bad day and can’t get to sleep, an episode of Laura’s podcast will soothe your soul. So if you’re embarking on a journey to find yourself but don’t feel like reading profound psychological essays, you should have a listen and take the Berliner’s practical tips to heart.


    Lena & Liberta

    Lena Lademann and Liberta Haxhikadriu, two social media influencers from Hamburg, come across as funny and refreshing, but most of all incredibly honest. And that’s exactly what makes their podcast, which is named after them, so charming. They discuss topics like relationships, careers, self-employment and of course fashion – just as openly as you would  during late-night phone calls with your own BFFs. This relatively new podcast is therefore not only a snapshot in time, but also a portrait of Generation 4.0 with all its challenges, opportunities and setbacks. Come and meet us online for a digital cigarette and a coffee with Lena and Liberta. Hear ya later, alligator!


    Text: Deborah Roth

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