A new Skate of Mind – ALBERTO x Rollbrett Union

    For decades now, the skateboard scene has been having a very strong influence on the latest fashion trends. The skater and fashion communities therefore actually have more in common than people may think. Underlining this fact, trouser label ALBERTO from Mönchengladbach has now joined forces with Germany’s biggest skater community, Rollbrett Union, to put their pant designs through the ultimate endurance test.
    Alberto Pants

    Street Credibility

    Who hasn’t watched a skateboarder speed by with envious admiration? They always seem to look cool, calm and collected, and, yes, also incredibly free as they whizz past, surfing on the asphalt. And if you’ve ever plucked up the courage to step onto a skateboard yourself, you’ll also know that they always seem to make it look so damn easy with their unique acrobatics and tricks demonstrated on half-pipes, ramps and other such obstacles. One thing’s for sure: skaters don’t do things by halves! The same can be said of the boarders of Rollbrett Union from Mönchengladbach and Rheydt. As Germany’s biggest skater community, they have street credibility by the bucketload and their lifestyle is defined by diversity and passion – just like ALBERTO.

    Alberto Pants

    A new community

    The collaboration between the trouser specialist and the skateboard crew can therefore almost be seen as a logical step. Taking to their boards, the skateboarders put the pants to the test, examining in particular the functionality of the innovative fabrics and features such comfort, freedom of movement and fit. Not only the functionality, but also the fashion factor plays an important role on the skateboarding scene, which is why the designs and colours are also under critical scrutiny from the testers. ALBERTO really values the skaters’ open and honest feedback, which is also being shared on the @rollbrettunion Instagram account. “We appreciate the honest feedback from our product testers and take it seriously,” says Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO. “Even if it means we sometimes have to rectify and adapt some elements and look at certain things in a different way.”

    This approach, on an equal footing with the end consumers, has already proven itself in past collections, continues Lanowy. The suggestions, wishes and needs of products testers were also incorporated, for example, into the brand’s golf and bike collections. “This collaboration helps us to make our brand and our collections better. And we’re also very happy about the fact that it emphasises our company’s affinity with its hometown of Mönchengladbach.” After all, both cooperation partners are inextricably linked to the city in Germany’s Lower Rhine region and it’s also hard to imagine the city’s streets without the skateboarders from Rollbrett Union. So all the better that they are now cruising around in the stylish and functional pants by ALBERTO…

    ALBERTO x Rollbrett Union = REVOLUTIONAL®

    Text: Cheryll Mühlen

    Photographer & image rights: Patrick Lanowy


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